Jill Schweitzer, Product Manager for Driver App @ Uber

Jill did too much.

She thought she had to prove herself.

She’d be in the room with people who could help. But she’d raised her hand for everything.

She should have taken 10% of the team’s work.

She took 50%.

Then…Jill changed her style.

She worked to share more tasks. And to empower others.

She thinks about each person’s strengths. And their role. She invites others to step up at the right times.

Now, Jill leaves meetings with closer to 10%.

Jill is the PM. She’s responsible for the final outcome.

Owning the outcome doesn’t mean you have to own all the work that leads up to it.

Jill Schweitzer is a Product Manager at Uber. Jill leads teams to improve Uber’s Driver app, helping millions of people make money in the gig economy.